Designed by Briana Gagnier.
Shelby Wax, Senior Associate Editor
"I have to say my mom has really great style — she owns her own clothing store, after all! She has always been amazing at curating a space, but our tastes definitely differ when it comes to the home. She’s more traditional than me, but she still appreciates a lot of the same natural materials I do.

I was excited to have her decorate a hypothetical living room for me for a few reasons. First, I don’t even have one in my apartment because S.F. rent. So it’s fun to dream. Second, I didn’t give her a budget so she could really get a great variety of items to choose from. And finally, I just wanted to see what she would pick! I love the accent chair she found for me and that multi-use rattan bar cart. While the bow lamp isn’t really my look, she later explained to me she thought of it as a funky addition and I appreciate her eclectic touch. Overall, I would love this room in my home."