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Complete with striking views and a chic, contemporary design — this home in Punta del Este, South America is one for the books.

Owned by a young Uruguayan couple, it was fully renovated just months ago by local interior designer None Fossati, a world traveler who draws inspiration from trendsetting cities like London, Amsterdam, and Melbourne.

For this project, she relied on a neutral palette seen in gray walls, off-white linens, and jute rugs, along with noble materials like Carrara marble and lapacho wood to create a look that's both modern and timeless.

Fossati was given free reign, yet she had to keep in mind the couple's sybaritic lifestyle, for which she built a cozy bar and a spacious wine cellar.

"When the work was finished, the husband told me 'this house has a serious drawback, now I don’t want to leave,'" remembers the designer with a smile. "It's the best possible outcome I can expect in my profession." We wouldn't want to leave either.