Pre-Wedding Gifts Your Husband-to-Be Will Love

Molly Guy is the owner of Stone Fox Bride, a bridal boutique cut from a different cloth—one decidedly less frilly than your average wedding dress. Look out for her posts all month long on the Lonny blog, featuring her sage advice on dressing for the occasion.

Let's be honest, you have probably put your fiancé through hell over the last twelve months: The late night Google searches for the perfect boutonnière in which you've forced him to participate instead of watching Deadliest Catch; the Saturday afternoon cake tastings when all he would rather do is watch the race, eating Cheddar Bunnies with his hands in his pants; the endless meetings with his future mother-in-law to discuss the pros & cons of buffets vs. sit-downs. The poor, poor dear—the carefree spirit he fell in love with years ago has officially become a type-A bridezilla!

(FSC Barber in the West Village; photo courtesy FSC Barber)Let's smooth things over. Since you can't physically assuage his anxieties the night before the wedding, as you'll be sleeping apart, why not butter him up and tuck a pre-wedding gift underneath his pillow? Hopefully then he'll choose to run into your arms instead of away from them. Here are our fav Stone Fox gift recs to butter up your hub-to-be before the big day.

(Silver dagger by Kenny Jossick; photo courtesy Kenny Jossick)

  1. Buy him a book. The old-fashioned kind. Tied up with a bow and inscribed with a sweet note. Reading is a great way for him to decompress on your honeymoon. For example: The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero, Life by Keith Richards, a classic masculinist Hemingway novel, or Howard Stern's Private Parts.
  2. Get him a gift certificate for a session with a life coach. Most likely, the prospect of marriage has stirred up some anxiety about entering a new phase of life. We love Red Barn Coaching. Life coach Candice Brokenshire is the bomb and will be able to guide him through this passage with grace.
  3. A good old-fashioned shave and haircut. Nothing makes a man feel as cared-for as one administered by a seasoned professional. We love F.S.C. Barber and so will your guy.
  4. Let him zone out with a juicy box set—John Cassavetas films, or the first season of The Sopranos.
  5. It may sound cliché, but few men love anything more than a pair of boxers and toney socks. Go to Brooks Brothers and get him the nicest pairs you can.
  6. You can't go wrong with a quality hand-crafted pocket knife. Kenny Jossick's knives are hand-made from the blades to the handle. They're functional works of art that are meant to last a lifetime.


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