How To Look Like Yourself On Your Wedding Day

Molly Guy is the owner of Stone Fox Bride, a bridal boutique cut from a different cloth—one decidedly less frilly than your average wedding dress. Look out for her posts all month long on the Lonny blog, featuring her sage advice on dressing for the occasion.

(Photo courtesy Stone Fox Bride)When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, you’re most likely inundated with images of women wearing frocks you wouldn’t dream of touching with a ten-foot pole. You know what we’re talking about: the ruffled, puffy, fluffy, floufy, cupcake-on-steroid dress. Yuck! Makes it kinda tough for girls with good style to sort out how they want to look when they’re walking down the aisle.

Your partner most likely fell deeply in love with you on a day when you were naked, happy and luminous—no cakey makeup, no stiff, sprayed hair or satin-covered stilettos—so why not say, “I do” looking the same way? (Minus the naked part, obv!)

(Photo courtesy Stone Fox Bride)Here are SFB's top 5 tips for incorporating elements of your everyday look into your bridal ensemble:

  • Try a messy side braid—perfection is overrated
  • Wear dark nail polish—black is the new bridal
  • Rock idiosyncratic jewelry like a pink string-and-skull bracelet
  • Give sandals or flats a chance
  • Pare down your makeup—take minimalism to the max

And If you want to err on the side of tradition, try incorporating the “something old” idea. Transform your grandmother’s veil into an awesome sash, or some family heirloom brooches into an opulent jeweled headpiece. Now go become a wife, already!

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