Three Fresh Floral Accessory Ideas For Your Wedding

Ginny Branch is an editorial and event stylist with an affection for seeking out beautiful moments and vignettes. Her work balances imperfect pieces with humble materials and natural elements—and sometimes mixes them all together! Look out for her posts all month long on the Lonny blog.

(Photo Elizabeth Messina, flowers Amy Osaba)My current obsession for brides is the incorporation of fresh florals into their wedding attire. I can't think of anything more romantic than wearing flowers in your hair, whether the look is bohemian, woodland, or Frida Kahlo-inspired.

A darling flower crown of unruly jasmine or whimsical wax buds encircling a blusher or cathedral veil? Be still my heart. How about a few delicate blooms gently tucked into a rolled chignon? Even showoff-y dinner plate dahlias pinned by the temples could feel absolutely flapperish if joined by a strand of honeysuckle vine.

(Photo Ali Harper, flowers Amy Osaba)Another way of layering in flowers is to have your floral designer create a blooming necklace. A bib made of ranunculus, hellebore, juliet roses, anemones, and chamomile would feel downright Secret Garden. I also think the idea of foregoing bridesmaid bouquets and substituting with a collection of flower crowns or necklaces could be a really lovely alternative for the non-traditional bride.

Why stop there? Floral earrings might be a bit of a stretch, but a spyria bracelet could be so dainty and sweet. I also adore the idea of crafting a ring out of an orchid or red clover bud.

Accessorizing with flowers can be tailored to suit any bride's aesthetic with a little thoughtfulness and consideration. I hope to see more brides incorporating flowers in their attire—and not just their bouquet!

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