Courtesy of AMMARA.
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We’ve all experienced the struggle of finding that perfect shirt to pair with jeans or to layer underneath a summer dress. But, for designer Ammara Yaqub of recently launched line Ammara, she felt that pain all too well. So much in fact she built her line’s business model solely on the premise that a killer shirt is the key to sartorial success.

The Harvard Business alum, who busted her chops as a buyer at both Zac Posen and Neiman Marcus, has launched a creative collection of tops that will fit the bill for any situation.

We were so inspired by our conversation with Ammara hot on the heels of her launch, that we thought it only fitting to drill her on what is currently making her tick. Whether it’s a stroll in the heart of Paris or her two kiddos, the designer is a river of inspiration — and we’re sharing it all right here.