Jen's Desk
“I am a hoarder — a huge hoarder, I am — and my desk is reflective of that,” says Gotch. "Although I styled this picture, these are all things that were in arms reach when I got the email asking, ‘What's on your desk!’ I feel like it is easy to see my priorities. Emotional well-being and energy are really important to me at work so I've got rose quartz, vitamin B, face mist, and words of encouragement.” 

“Statement earrings are always on stand by because as I’ve gotten older — earrings always make me feel prettier,” she notes. Other finds? “Post-it notes for ideas that pop out of nowhere and glasses because, well, I can't really see anymore. Not shown: piles of paperwork, 17 more face mists (not joking), a lukewarm coffee in my 'I DON'T WORK HERE' mug, and a phone shaped like a banana, because my dream in life is to be taken seriously.”