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Vanessa's Desk
“I always have a few Chatbooks on my desk,” says Quigley. “I love to show sample books to any visitor to the office, especially when they have pics of my own family. These are from recent family vacations to Florida and Lake Powell.”

“I have seven kids plus my 8th baby, Chatbooks, so I’m always looking for an extra jolt of energy! My current favorite is Zipfizz powder — I just shake it into a water bottle,” she says. “I also love LaCroix and keep our office fridge stocked for extra hydration throughout the day.”

“This winter, I wrote my first book, Real Moms, Real Hacks. It’s a collection of the best tips and tricks I’ve learned from parenting my own kids and from my friends," Quigley explains. "It used to seem like a crazy dream that I would be building a company like Chatbooks or writing a book, so I keep it on my desk as a reminder that anything is possible.”