Courtesy of Fox.
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Have you ever watched one of your favorite shows and pondered how a character could afford their giant city apartment on a small salary? Us too. It often seemed odd that perpetually unemployed characters or folks working not-so-high-paying jobs would be able to continue paying rent for spaces we would love to move into. So we decided to do a bit of investigative work to see what the TV homes we see on screen would actually cost.

We teamed up with the data experts at Trulia to analyze layout and neighborhoods to determine the modern day costs of each space. What we were not-so surprise to learn? Most of the homes have some pretty hefty price tags and the apartments have crazy high rent. Guess that TV magic can also apply to the real estate market too. Want to see which characters were getting some major deals on their rent? Read ahead to see the IRL costs of some famous on-screen abodes.