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Why Sonder Is Your New Travel BFF

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Courtesy of Sonder.
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Finding the perfect place to stay when traveling is always a challenge. Airbnbs are great, but there is always the risk of an unreliable host or a messy space. You can always stay at a hotel for those nice amenities, but then you lose the ease of having a kitchen and often have to pay a bigger price tag. Well Sonder took the best qualities of both to bring you that perfect travel experience you crave.

The company not only provides stylish one-of-a-kind rentals in the coolest cities in North America, but also has hotel-quality linens, free Wi-Fi, fully-stocked kitchens, toiletries, guides with insider tips from locals, and a 24-hour concierge service if anything goes wrong. Plus, every space is reasonably priced. What's better than that?

To highlight these cool rentals, we rounded up the prettiest picks from Sonder's main destination. Click ahead and get ready to plan your next vacay.