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Michael Cina
Michael Cina is a Minneapolis-based artist that is a total jack-of-all-trades. "It's all over the map, I am a curious person," he says. "My main hubs of interest are logo development, custom typefaces, design of all sorts, and fine art. I don't see walls in the arts and jump across lines all the time. I enjoy challenges and the unfamiliar. I love visual communication and I am always learning something new." 

When the artist says he is busy, he's not kidding. "Right now, I am working on a 24-page booklet without aid from a computer, three album packages, a short film, a 45-minute film for Liquid Music at the Walker Art center, three projects doing photo-manipulation, a branding project, a solo gallery show, a 14-weight custom typeface, and am working on a presentation for the AIGA national conference."