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Work + Sea's Colorful Los Angeles Home

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Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile for Lonn
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“We have different creative backgrounds, influences, and points of reference. But, when we strongly articulate a vision, it instantly becomes synchronized," Work + Sea's Michael Woodcock and Lara Apponyi tell Lonny. 

While discussing their work in the statement above, the same could be echoed for the way they infuse their originative taste into their Los Angeles home.

The Silver Lake space is full of many vintage furniture pieces, eclectic art, and loud patterns that somehow meld together for a look that’s both elevated and conceptual — and not unlike the budding design studio itself.

Offering interior styling and custom wallpapers that have likened the attention of fashion visionary Jason Wu — who enlisted Work + Sea for prints on his garments — the design studio offers a refreshing approach to color and form. 

And, their home is truly a reflection of that and their seamless collaboration at work. Click ahead for an aesthete’s playground of unfussy, unexpected, and insanely imaginative décor.