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You Need To See Inside This Next-Level Camping Trip

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When summer rolls around, we're always itching to get out of the city and outdoors. And, this year, boy, did we do just that. 

We teamed up with Shelter Co., In Good Company, and Sophie James Winery to pull off the camping trip to end all camping trips. Situated atop Sophie James Winery's Petaluma hilltop, Shelter Co. set up 22 tents for mamas and kiddos (we had about 80 people total!) for a day jam-packed with indigo-dyeing by Millroad Studio, pool time with floats by Funboy and towels by Brooklinen, food by Bi-Rite, and much more! 

We're still beaming from it! It was definitely one for the books. Take a look to see inside the next-level campout. Who knows, it might spawn some ideas for your next outdoors adventure?