Do's and Don't's Of Decorating With Plants


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Photographed by Jenna Peffley.

There’s nothing gloomier than a space devoid of a little green. Plants can be an amazing way to add life (literally!) to your space. Yet whether you are decorating your home or sprucing up your office desk, there are a few essential rules to remember to make the most out of your greenery.

We asked Molly Rhymer and Daniel Worlock, the duo behind the incredible L.A.-based Pop Up Greens, for their do’s and don’t’s of decorating with plants. And trust us, these experts will give you the dirt.

Do: Take The Plunge!

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

Adding greenery to any room instantly livens up the space, adding color and texture. Don’t forget how plants can add calming benefits to your space as well!

Perfect Addition

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

This nursery is adorable, but the plant steps up the décor a notch.

Do: Consider Your Light

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

Choose wisely! Don’t just grab the trendy plant. Make sure you research plant care to see what will thrive best in your home. Some plants need more shade than others. One rule of thumb: The darker the plant or leaf, the more likely it will need more shade.

Don't: Go Straight For The Floor

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

Get those plants off the ground! Put them on a bench, a plant stand, or in a hanging planter mounted to the ceiling. My go to tip: Find a draped plant hanging at the nursery, pot it in a regular pot, and place it on a stool. I love the look of the drape of a plant hanging down off a tall stool.

Hanging Out

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

We always love a good hanging plant.

Do: Have Fun With Your Pots

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

We love decorating pots with fun designs and bold unexpected colors. A bright pot can be the best way to add a pop of color to the room and show off your personal style.

Don't: Limit Plants To Your Living Room

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

Mix it up and add greens to more rooms than one. For example, we recommend sticking a snake plant in the bedroom to improve air quality. This overachiever converts CO2 into oxygen at night (and was recommended by a NASA study, what what!)

Shelved Succulents

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

Try adding succulents to unexpected places like a bedroom bookshelf.

Do: Pot Your Plants

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

So often, people just plop a plant into their new pot when it’s still in a plastic container. Sure, it may be easy, but plants can only last so long in those containers before they grow out of them.

Potting Project

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

Invest in your plants and pot them soon after you bring them home from the nursery. We suggest planning a fun Sunday outside getting your hands dirty. When you’re getting all the needed supplies at the nursery, don’t forget the saucer and consider a plant dolly for larger pots.

Don't: Leave Your Plant In The Dark

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

I know you want to fill that blank wall. But often, we see plants in spaces that look great, but aren't near a window that could provide enough light. Make sure your plant is near a window to get some of that good ol’ vitamin D!

It's Lit

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

The natural light from these windows not only highlights the plant, but helps it grow!

Do: Place Plants In Your Bathroom

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Turn your bathroom into a spa with a simple plant on the counter or one on the back of the toilet. You could also tie some dried eucalyptus to the shower head for an instant pick me up. Bonus points for a hanging plant on your shower rod.

Do: Mix It Up

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer

Choose plants with varying heights and textures to add depth to the space. Consider a small pot on a table with a tall standing plant in the corner, or flank a doorway or credenza to add balance and symmetry.

Green House

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Courtesy of Molly Rhymer.

Like the doctor says, you can never have enough greens!
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