The 25 Best Organization Hacks For Small Spaces On Pinterest


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Dealing with a small-space? You're not alone. Whether you live in a city apartment or a house, it's often so tricky to find enough room for all your things. When faced with irregularly sized rooms or a general lack of storage, it's necessary to hack your way to organization. But, how can you find easy and crafty ways to take your space to the next level? It requires a little investigation.

If you're on the search for storage solutions, we have an easy spot for you to explore. The answer? Pinterest, of course! The platform is an excellent resource to find tons of creative hacks for the home. From cleaning up the kitchen to creating solutions in the entryway to keep essentials in order, there are so many tricks you can find within the millions of posts on the site.

To help you get your home in order, we rounded up 25 pins that will make your small space feel huge. Wether they are hack that require minimal maintenance or a some more effort, these ideas will save you time in the long run. So go ahead and read on to find the best ways to easily update your space. Forge ahead to get hacking.

Label Away

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via Pinterest/OXO.

Want to keep your kitchen items organized and fresh? Sealed containers are the way to go. They get rid of the bulk of extra packaging in a small space and by adding labels, you can easily know which item is which. We recommend finding containers of various sizes so they could properly fit every item and space. But, consistency is key. So be sure to make sure all the labels fit within the same theme to make sure the cabinet feels similar.

Store Up

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via Pinterest/My Scandinavian Home.

When you don’t have much space, you have to think vertically when it comes to storage. If you are living in a small home, you have to really make the most of whatever petite portions of a wall you have. A entryway coat rack barely has to have much room after all. Even if spots might feel like no-go’s due to radiators or other obtrusive items, you can always put hooks and shelving above. It can't feel stratgic without a little planning.

Go Maximalist

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via Pinterest/friederikchen.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is embrace a small space. In this occasion, we recommend putting everything (and we mean everything) on display. Don't hide your true self and sharewhat style really fits you. Find extra shelves to show off your items and put those you use most at arm’s reach. At the same time, make sure to find compromise. If you have a partner, not expressing your desire can stifle a relationship.

Awkward Turned Awesome

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via Pinterest/Rock My Style.

Have some awkward corners in your home that won’t necessarily fit any furniture? Get creative to be able to make the most out of your space. Mounted shelves can be total gems if you want to create storage or even a table. We love how many design possibilities this can tap into as well. If you need a home office, this hack is the perfect way to implement a desk in your room. If you're living solo, it can be a great common base with your friends at an ideal age.

Make It Modular

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via Pinterest/sfgirlbybay.

Modular structures are the way to go when trying to make your kitchen storage work. They are inherently customizable so these designs can easily adjust to fit whatever items you need in there. Want to create space for a styling moment? No problem. Need a row that's perfectly sized for your spices? Go for it. Just a simple adjustment can do the trick. This style of furniture is both flexible and can easily fit in smaller spaces. Just make sure to find one that works with your aesthetic.

Stairway To Storage

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via Pinterest/Wonder Forest.

One of the most unexpected place for storage? Under your stairs! If there is room beneath, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that empty area? You can carve out plenty of different design options in this space. You can add in a few shelves to tuck away extra items like toys or files, pop in some art to give it some style, or even add in a desk to create a home office. Just access your space and get creative.

Closet Creation

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via Pinterest/House & Garden Magazine.

Another place to hack a home office and store your files? In an extra closet. Not only does it keep things contained, but you can also hide away your work once you’re finished. Even if there aren't any shelves or a desk-style surface in there before, you can easily hack them on a budget. Just head somewhere like IKEA to get a few easy-to-install open shelving boards. You may need to cut them down to fit your closet space but that extra work will be worth it.

Go Under

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via Pinterest/sfgirlbybay.

We love baskets for storage — especially when we can keep them in plain sight. Placing pretty containers beneath benches is an excellent option to get the most storage out of your space. This is also a great way to reflect your personal style. If you have a more minimalist vibe, just pull in a few styles in a woven rattan to bring warmth to your room. Or, you can go super bold and find some with bright hues or prints.

Cool Corners

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via Pinterest/Society19.

You would rarely think of putting a shelf in the corner. However this spot is an awesome and unobtrusive location to keep your goodies out of the way. The triangle shape even can lend a cool design element to your room. Whether you just want a surface to place a catchall dish or add in some hooks to hang keys or bags, it is a great option when you're really limited in space. Place it near the front door or any room that needs some more storage.

Pillow Talk

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via Pinterest/Brit & Co.

IKEA is the best when it comes to producing furniture meant for small spaces. If you need extra storage in your bedroom, we suggest checking out their frames that can hold half your closet. While some have deep drawers on the sides that can pull out, the store even has an option if you're more limited in space. This bed can have the entire mattress lift up so you can hide your wardrobe or any other items below. It's a great solution if there isn't much width around your bed.

Elevated Idea

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via Pinterest/Modern Jane Design.

If your bed is high enough to fit anything underneath, we definitely recommend making use of that space. Hide away luggage, shoes, or practically any other items you need to tuck away. Just be sure that you have a long enough duvet to hide everything away. If things are exposed, consider finding storage options that you wouldn't mind seeing every time you look at your bed. Baskets are always prime selections to keep your items in order.

Open Door

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via Pinterest/Urban Outfitters.

Over-the-door storage is one of your best friends when you have a tiny home. From shoe storage to bathroom supplies, these structures will get your space in order. While this design could be long and can take up more real estate on your door frame, you can also have a petite basket to store essentials. You can also just place hooks on the back of a door to coral items like towels, hats, or other accessories you might need on hand.

Craft A Closet

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via Pinterest/The Spruce.

Is lack of closet space your problem? Well, why not create your own? A mounted shelf, a couple of pipes, and drawers are all you need to hack yourself a closet. If you're not sure what design you can do, take inspiration from your favorite clothes store. That open, exposed look can look stylish if you do it right. Just be sure to make it feel organized and edit out items that might be overwhelming to look at all the time.

Above The Bed

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via Pinterest/Uncovet.

Converting a room in your house to fit an extra roommate? When there’s barely any space, consider placing a shelf and cabinets above the bed. It’s not ideal storage, but it definitely will help you out. Just measure the space ahead of time then find an open-shelving option that can properly fit. If you're really feeling up to the challenge, you can add in extra cabinets above as well. Just make sure they aren't too obtrusive where you might hit your head waking up in the morning.

Frame It

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via Pinterest/Ryl And Peters.

Have no place to put all your books? We love the idea of framing an archway in your space. It not only helps you get your reads in order, but it also adds a pop of color to a more minimalist space. While the top of a doorframe might not be large enough to balance a book on top, you can need to install an open shelf to make it work. You can even place a very narrow bookcase against each side of the door.

Nursery Nook

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via Pinterest/Whitney Leigh Morris.

Stuff with a tiny home and have a baby on the way? Why not consider converting a closet into your new nursery. Clearly even this small space can pack a lot of charm.

Fold Away

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via Pinterest/ArchZine.

If you take a look around the internet, you can find some pretty cool creations that can wrap furniture and storage all into one. This amazing cabinet unfolds to reveal dishes and an entire table.

Walls Up

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via Pinterest/99 Best Decor.

Want to create some privacy in your home while also adding in extra storage? Install a bookshelf that can serve as a wall in the room. When filled with books and other decor items, it can create a nice visual barrier to block off a space. It's a great idea to work with if you are living in a studio apartment and want to create a "room" inside.

Layer Up

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via Pinterest/Historias de Casa.

An exposed closet can look cool. We love how this structure uses copper pipes and light blonde wood to add a modern feel to the design.

Drape It

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via Pinterest/IKEA.

If you’re not into having your clothes on display and don’t have a close, you can fake one by installing floor to ceiling drapes. Install a beam onto the ceiling that can totally seal off a portion of the wall and have your own personal walk-in!

Side Piece

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via Pinterest/Burke Decor.

Fridge magnets aren’t just to put up pictures and notes. This cool design can keep your tools in order.

Pretty Pegs

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via Pinterest/Inspired By Charm.

Another great option for kitchen organization? A pegboard! It makes the most out of empty backsplash area to keep your most used items on hand.

Storage Buffet

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via Pinterest/Jaclyn Peters Interiors.

Have a normal buffet in your dining room or entryway? Give it some extra oomf by installing storage bins that look chic and also can keep extra essentials hidden.

All In Order

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via Pinterest/IKEA.

Once you add in extra drawers, you don’t want the inside to look like a total mess. Clear organizing bins can help you get your toiletries in order so you can actually find everything.

Shoe Solution

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via Pinterest/Design Sponge.

Tired of lots of loose shoes by your front door? A simple DIY ladder can help you keep them secure and ready for when you are on-the-go.
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